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Watercolor and Ink Pen Hair Drawings Wall Installations Ink Pen on Mylar

Hair Drawings
In 2000 I started experimenting with sewing human hair into paper by hand. I was utilizing my own hair. Line work has always been an intrinsic part of my artwork. The hair essentially was another way of creating line. The hair drawings are on different types of paper from Thai rice paper to Mylar. Some of the hair drawings are encased in resin.

There are both negative and positive connotations associated with hair: men love long luxurious hair on women but a dining patron would be offended to find a hair in their soup.

There are also Biblical references to hair like Mary Magdalene washing the feet of Jesus with her hair and Samson’s loss of strength when his hair is cut by Delilah. I found the dichotomies associated with the interpretations and symbolism associated with the material of hair interesting.

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